Neighborhood America launch ‘Gov’t 2.0 Starter Kit’

5 11 2009

Neighborhood America have launched a ‘Government 2.0 Starter Kit’. The new kit brings together videos of industry leaders to share lessons learned from leveraging social media within government. The video covers common struggles experienced at the federal, state and local levels; the pros and cons of open source technology versus an enterprise solution; and why a shift in attitude is important when adopting Gov 2.0.

The Gov 2.0 Starter Kit combines research and practical advice based on Neighborhood America’s decade of experience in the Gov 2.0 space, providing insights appropriate for all levels of social media knowledge.

America is getting the hang of the PBA, and it is being driven by a combination of top-down federal initiatives and powerful local pilot projects. British councils should take note.



One response

2 04 2010
Courtney Wiley

Thank you for the mention of INgage Networks (formerly Neighborhood America).

Our Gov 2.0 starter kit was a collaborative piece developed alongside some pretty talented thought leaders. If your readers would like to download it, they may access it here: For social media and Gov 2.0 white papers, Webinars, and case studies, please visit

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