Quiet Riots: Crowdsourced Complaints

6 11 2009

‘A Quiet Riot is an issue that needs to be changed. It could be climate change or it could be the queues at your local bank. We want to make it easy to find other people with the same Quiet Riot, too much energy is lost because people are unable to discover and work with others who share their views.’

This is a nice site which emphasizes the power of shared dissatisfaction. It may be slightly too broad in its aims, and overrun into the common problem of slactivism as users can vent their combined dismay about ‘climate change’ or ‘financial accountability’. Like many post-bureaucratic movements, Quiet Riots is likely to work best when it is most specific: a local issue or a particular problem. Still, the site is in its early phase, and may yet turn into a powerful engine for the expression of popular concerns.



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