Open Knowledge Foundation: WhereDoesMyMoneyGo? Alpha

16 11 2009

wdmmg-alphaThe team at the Open Knowledge Foundation have recently released an Alpha of their WhereDoesMyMoneyGo application – a fantastic data-visualisation tool which breaks down government spending by category, region, and time.

Not only is the subject matter within the scope of the post-bureaucratic age, but the very method by which the Open Knowledge Foundation is building its application perfectly demonstrates the incremental nature of change in this era:

“This an “alpha” release and its still a way from finished – we’re putting this out in the spirit of “release early, release often”. We’d greatly appreciate your feedback on specific bugs or problems – as well as your two cents on the prototype so far.”

‘Release early, release often’ neatly encapsulates much of the PBA’s spirit, and gives more direction that the American obsession with the word ‘awesome’ (GovLoop take note).



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