Make IT Better: New Conservative Initiative

1 12 2009

This morning the Conservative Party’s social media team have put up a leaked government document onto a wordpress site, and invited contributions and suggestions from internet users.

There is also a very encouraging paragraph on the homepage, that suggests that this group within the Conservative Party really ‘gets’ the post-bureaucratic age:

“We think there’s a better way. Not only is it possible to develop a more ambitious, cost-effective and transformative vision for government IT, but we believe that it’s also possible to pursue a completely different approach to making policy. Rather than the traditional closed approach to policy making that this report typifies, we want to throw open the process and allow people to contribute their ideas on how policy should be designed. In the post-bureaucratic age, we believe that crowdsourcing and collaborative design can help us to make better policies – and we think this approach should begin now.”

Public consultation, transparency – both in practical terms and as an underpinning philosophy – and genuine collaboration, are all in evidence here. Another nice feature is the sheer simplicity of the site: use a free wordpress template; submit the report as a blogpost; use the wordpress comments feature to allow feedback. Even the least IT-savvy council administrator could put up plans and reports for public scrutiny and input.



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