Government Transparency: Some Key Coalition Events

2 06 2010

PM David Cameron wrote a letter on Monday 31st May to government departments launching a ‘week  of open data’ and setting out ‘new standards for transparency’ in government, outlining the government’s initial plans to publish online central government contracts, new items of government spending over £25,000, civil servants’ wages,  crime data, amongst other items. The letter also announces the establishment of a ‘Public Sector Transparency Board’, to be chaired by Francis Maude MP, which will support these plans and have a responsibility for ‘setting open data standards across the public sector’. The full text of the letter is here.

On the same day (31st May), Francis Maude (Minister for the Cabinet Office) oversaw the publication of the salaries of the 172 highest-paid civil servants earning over £150,000. This was welcomed by Matthew Elliott, the Chief Executive of the Taxpayers’ Alliance:

In response to the publication of the wages of the highest-paid in the civil service, Vince Cable, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, called for greater public sector pay discipline:

Cameron’s first podcast as PM, recorded on Saturday 29th May, largely focussed on the issue of government transparency, hailing it as an initiative that will help restore public faith in politicians, allow the public to hold government to account and aid the government in its attempts to increase efficiency and save money. The transcript is here. The BBC covered the story here.

Francis Maude announced the start of a new era of transparency in government in this article in the Telegraph on Sunday 30th May.

Charlotte Jee ( @charlottejee )



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