Weekly round-up on Government Transparency

14 06 2010

On Thursday 10th June the government released new details about special advisers and civil servants and the exact salaries of those earning above £58,200. The details released included the pay of Andy Coulson (Downing Street Director of Communications), who topped the bill with a salary of £140,000.

On the same day, and in a further extension of the spirit of transparency that is sweeping the upper echelons of government, Chris Huhne hailed the decision of the Department of Energy and Climate Change and the Home Office to ‘displaying their energy use in real-time, on-line, for the first time’. The recent move to display real-time online energy use in the departments is part of the Government’s commitment to cut carbon emissions from central government by 10% in the next year. This recent development follows on from PM David Cameron’s announcement of the policy on 14th May. Watch this space as we expect further departments to follow suit.

In an interview on Monday 14th, Jeremy Hunt (Culture Secretary) stated that while he cannot dictate wages within the BBC, there should be ‘full transparency’. In the past Mr. Hunt has complained about the 382 managers earning more than £100,000, a view he confirmed in his Guardian interview, saying ‘we want better value for money from the BBC’.

Charlotte Jee   (@charlottejee)



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