About The Network for the Post-Bureaucratic Age

The Network for the Post-Bureaucratic Age is a network which exists to collate and improve Government 2.0


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9 12 2009

OK. Fine. But who are you? Do we know each other already? Or is this more like the TaxPayers Alliance setup? Post-B means transparency surely?

14 12 2009
william perrin

at the risk of two williams asking the same question – i agree – you can’t be post bureaucratic and anonymous – that’s like saying you can be post bureaucratic and do it on paper, in triplicate. i think i have already asked you who you are and you haven’t given me the courtesy of a reply.

some posts are named (try a different theme BTW that gives names of posters) but others not.

can i suggest for your about page:

‘this site is run by a small group interested in the issues raised in the debate about the ‘post bureacratic age’ begun in [x’s] speech [link]. in the spirit of that age we are a self organising collective, not a committee and our names and bios are as follows: [list names and bios]



16 12 2009

Dear William,

Thank you very much for your input. We weren’t trying to keep anything secret and we would love your help with out network. Please see the post on the site today for further information about what we are trying to achieve.


16 02 2010
Helen Jackson

I agree, I think if you are running a conference at which the potential next Prime Minister of the UK is speaking, and if (we therefore assume) you to some extent therefore have his endorsement and his ear, you shouldn’t run yourself as an anonymous body.

Anyone who intends to be a serious political influence should be open and accountable.

22 02 2010
Henry Mayhew

Great. More top secret manoeuvrings by the youthful great and good.

If you want to be taken seriously and make a contribution:

Phone number and address
Board of management detail
Application form to attend conferences
Video of conferences
Give us a break and don’t sign your responses ‘Ali’. We don’t know you and you are representing this body. Give us your full name. Being too cool for school is for kids.

Apart from the above, this conference looks a cracker. Stick the video up online so we can all benefit. You might have some decent ideas. Thank you.

22 02 2010

Judging by the named authors on the posts on this network (where an author has been named – many posts aren’t attributed), it appears this is a YouGov staffed network.

Therefore I assume the PBAge event is a YouGov event?

12 10 2010
Alan Stanton

Surely, there’s no mystery about the political affiliation and views of this group. My conference invitation came from Stephan Shakespeare who – unless Wikipedia has been successfully hacked – can hardly be accused of shyness about which side he’s on. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephan_Shakespeare

Who am I?

Alan Stanton
Labour councillor
Tottenham Hale
London Borough of Haringey

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